Founder & CEO

Alan Stone

ALSSM was created by Alan Stone. Years of experience in real estate sales, property management, property services, caretaking services and logistics have allowed Alan to bring multi-discipline skills to body corporate management.

Alan founded ALSSM on simple principles:

- No commissions will be received
- All savings are to be passed on to lot owners (our customers)
- All services are disclosed clearly and agreed prior to being engaged.

ALSSM is focused on providing superior services to our customers at a price that represents market leading value.

Our Expertise

Where we can help

Residential Schemes

  • Residential buildings can involve detached houses, apartment buildings, and even larger multi-storey buildings where people live.
  • In most case these are a combination of private use (owner occupier), long-term and short-term rental, usually with complex arrangements involving outside Rental Managers or more often Caretaker Rental Managers.

Commercial Schemes

  • Commercial buildings are workplaces, offices, stores, or other distinctive structures used for providing goods and services. These can include shopping centres, commercial strips, high rises etc.
  • These schemes generally require an ‘outgoing’ audit to be conducted annually
  • Where any customers enter a scheme, specialised requirements for insurance levels and cover as well as ongoing communication requirement between stakeholders

Mixed Use Schemes

  • Mixed used schemes can have commercial and residential components with complex agreements involved in incurring cost and charging on cost to relevant schemes.

Industrial Properties

  • Industrial buildings are generally factory or warehouse buildings, where goods are made or stored for industries.

Building Management Statements (BMS)

  • A BMS (building management statement) and BMG (building management group) is formed where multiple schemes (either residential or commercial or a combination of both) coexist on a registered title or titles.
  • These arrangements are complex legal instruments that require experience and ongoing consultation in administering.
  • These documents and the adherence to them inform interactions between communities with often divergent goals and agendas.

Need Something Else?

  • Our experienced team bring a wealth of knowledge and contacts to every member of the ALSSM network. This means if you need access to something else not mentioned above, just ask. We may be able to help or to connect you with someone who can.

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