Administration Management


Competitive insurance quotations are provided to the Executive Committee and upon their selection Strata Department will place insurance on behalf of the Owners Corporation. In addition, will complete the following services:
  • Insurance claims and lodgement
  • Insurance renewal


All Owners Corporation documentation is maintained in accordance with the relevant state and federal legislation and regulations.
These include the following items:
  • Strata Roll
  • Correspondence file
  • Financial records
  • Minutes books
  • Certificate of Title
  • By-Laws
  • Strata Plans
  • Deposited Plans
  • Miscellaneous records required to be kept by the scheme


Alssm Strata Managers will convene and attend the Annual General Meeting and Committee meetings as instructed by the Owners Corporation or Body Corporate.


Alssm Strata Management team can assist in mediating disputes within your community. Our knowledge of the legislation, regulations and by-laws, ensures we can support you in achieving harmony in your strata community.
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